Apex Introduces A 'Vending Machine' For Restaurants

May 19, 2015

Apex Supply Chain Technologies introduced a 'vending machine' of sorts for restaurants at the National Restaurant Association show this week. The machine, called AnyWhere Secure Self-Serve Solution, is ideal for full serve, quick serve and fast casual restaurants and is loaded from the rear by restaurant staff, while customers pick up their order out of the front of the machine. "Apex AnyWhere systems allow restaurants to make it even faster for customers to place an online order, skip the register, pick up their order from a stylish, sleek and secure locker and even pay with virtually no waiting," said Apex CEO Kent Savage in a press release. "Customers will appreciate the automated convenience and time-savings."

The company continued:

AnyWhere Secure Self-Serve Solutions will enable a wide range of scenarios to make to-go orders work across multiple channels. For example, a customer may use a smart phone to place a coffee order on their way to work. The drink is prepared and placed into a temperature-controlled, Apex smart locker system. When the customer arrives, they can skip the line, grab the drink from the locker, and be on their way.