Canteen Among Five Compass Group North America Companies To Join The Practice Greenhealth Community

May 13, 2015

Practice Greenhealth announced that five Compass Group North America companies--Morrison Healthcare, Crothall Healthcare, TouchPoint Support Services, Canteen, and Foodbuy--have joined its community of more than 1,300 leading healthcare organizations and suppliers. Practice Greenhealth members act as change agents and healing forces in their communities on behalf of patients, staff, and the environment at large. 

“Canteen and Compass Group are both thrilled to be official members of the Practice Greenhealth community and look forward to continuing our support of green practices in the industry,” the company wrote on its Website.

"From their initiatives within hospitals to the broader initiatives and advancements of their parent company, Compass Group and its specialized healthcare experts are truly committed to the health of hospital patients, visitors, communities, and planet," said Jeffrey Brown, Practice Greenhealth Executive Director. "It's this type of commitment that makes them a natural fit in the Practice Greenhealth community—we welcome them as key Practice Greenhealth members focused on healthy food sourcing that promotes better nutrition AND sustainable cleaning practices that promote safer environments within hospitals." 

"We are extremely proud of our partnership with Practice Greenhealth," said Julia Jordan, Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Compass Group. "We are looking forward to showcasing our specialization in healthcare at next week's CleanMed conference and believe that together we can help shape a more sustainable future for our communities and planet." 

The healthcare specialties of Compass Group work together to source and create great-tasting, healthier foods that energize the mind, body and spirit while also creating cleaner, safer hospitals through better environmental practices. The Compass Group Sustainability Platform advances the company's efforts to better protect and manage their food sources and the people who harvest and grow those sources. The platform is rooted in serving foods that are responsibly produced, engaging in practices that promote a smaller environmental footprint and reporting transparent results.

Compass Group is committed to changing the healthcare culture by effectively promoting positive health changes in caregivers, patients, and the community. 

Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit membership organization, offering its members a full range of tools, resources, forums, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to engage the health care sector in creating safe and healthy environments by implementing sustainable practices into day-to-day operations. Founded and driven by the principles of positive environmental stewardship and best practices by organizations in the health care community, Practice Greenhealth includes hospitals, health care facilities, community health centers, and businesses such as architecture and engineering firms, product and service providers, as well as like-minded non-governmental organizations.

With the many resources available through Practice Greenhealth membership, health care organizations and businesses alike will reach new heights of business success and ensure sustainable healthcare that's good for the environment, good for patients and staff, and good for the bottom line. 


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