Berkshire Natural Partners With Healthy Beverage Company, Includes Vended Drinks

May 13, 2015

Northampton, MA – May 12, 2015 – Berkshire Natural announces a partnership with Polar Beverages, part of a collaboration with national food manufacturers to co-promote their healthy living products and services. Berkshire Natural, a Massachusetts based healthy snack and beverage company servicing all of New England, will showcase a different brand partner each month along with co-promotion through additional channels such as their blog and social media. In May, Polar Beverages ( will be featured on the website.

Polar Beverages is the country’s largest independent soft-drink bottler and the leader in providing healthy beverage alternatives. Their flavored seltzer waters are made without any added sugar, calories, caffeine, carbs, sodium or gluten, providing consumers the option to drink delicious beverages that are good for them instead of sugar-laden juice and soda. Polar is committed to sustainable business practices and focused on efforts to positively impact the environment. Polar Beverages offers flavored seltzers in cans and bottles, local bottled spring water and O Water, all of which can be found in Berkshire Natural’s healthy vending machines and healthy snack baskets.

“The added amount of sugar that this country consumes through beverages is excessive. There’s been an arms race between beverage manufacturers for many years one company making their beverage sweeter than their competition. In our efforts to help consumers access healthy foods, we’re excited to be able to offer customers a tasty, refreshing drink that’s also healthy,” says Berkshire Natural Co-founder David Starr. “And the fact that we’re working with such a well-respected brand like Polar Beverages – an industry leader and local, family-run business is really just a perfect partnership for our brand. It’s reassuring to think of the tens of thousands of units of Polar Beverages that we sell that have to be transported such short distances from factory to retail outlet. It reduces our carbon footprint by tens of thousands of pounds of carbon emissions.”

Founded as a healthy vending company, Berkshire Natural services Boston area companies and institutions delivering healthy snacks and beverages. Products provided by Boston Healthy Office Snacks from Berkshire Natural have no trans fats, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or colors and include brands like Peeled Organic Dried Mango, Polar Seltzers, Home Free Gluten Free Cookies, Way Better Tortilla Chips, Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds & Dried Fruits, Epic Natural Jerky Bars, Fuel for Fire Protein Fruit Purees, Green Mountain Yogurt and Purity Organics Super Juices. The products are also frequently sourced from New England companies and organic sources. More information is available online at

About Berkshire Natural

Berkshire Natural was established in 2009 by co-founders Alden Bourne and David Starr, two fathers that recognized the importance of healthy living for their families and wanted to help improve the lives of others. Berkshire Natural's mission is to help people live healthier lives by making delicious, organic and natural foods available. They also educate consumers about the importance of protecting the environment and about the value of buying local foods. Serving the Boston and Massachusetts region, products include Healthy Vending Services and Boston Healthy Office Snacks.