New Device Promises To Identify Energy Hogging Devices, Including Vending Machines

May 12, 2015

The University of Hawaii has installed a new high tech device that monitors and regulates energy at existing electrical outlets -- the IntelliSocket, KITV reports. A school Sustainability Coordinator specifically mentions using the device to identify inefficient vending machines or refrigerators with the idea that capital will be raised to buy newer, more energy efficient models.

An Australia based company, IntelliSocket is a WiFi enabled, “Smart” outlet that collects data about the plugged in device. It then sends that data to the IntelliSocket Cloud where the information can be accessed and sent as alerts. For the commercial building manager, it produces reports on energy use, helps identify problems and solutions as well as sends alerts on devices and equipment for the entire company.

Editor’s note: The location adding a device that can monitor and disrupt power to a vending machine could present a problem to the industry. Operators know best whether their machines should be turned off regularly or not. Vendors should be proactive and talk to locations about energy conservation. Perhaps they can tout an existing Energy-Star rated vending machine or LED-lighting. Perhaps it’s time to look at an occupancy sensor? The decision should be made by both operator and location contact for the best results.