Vending Pioneer Dave Levine Announces Lucrative Recycling Program For Arizona Vending Companies

May 8, 2015

(Phoenix, Az) – David Levine, Founder of MB Media Brokers, which produced one of the first commercially available advertising screens for vending, has announced a lucrative recycling program through his rapidly growing company, Boxes Near Me.

Levine started Boxes Near Me just over two years ago. The company specializes in buying and selling used cardboard boxes, pallets and packing supplies – as opposed to recycling them in the traditional sense.

“The vending industry produces boxes that are great for Reboxing. So we are looking not just to vending company owners but also bottlers and product manufacturers to supply us with the boxes that we need. It will be great for the environment, but also much more lucrative than recycling cardboard in the traditional sense,” said Levine.

Boxes Near Me is offering to evaluate boxes made available to it free of charge and then buy them either by weight or by the box. “Right now, Cardboard is being recycled at around $50-$80 per ton, whereas we are buying boxes for twice that amount, and sometimes more. All that a seller has to do is break down their boxes, which must be in reusable condition and must have closeable lids. We will designate which boxes we are interested in so that the seller can palletize the boxes by size. Once we collect the boxes, we will count them and send payment to the seller. It may not seem like a lot of money, but in reality the seller saves money on disposal fees as well as collecting money on the sale of the boxes – much more than a traditional recycler would pay. In addition, this effort is very good for the environment, and will help reduce the waste stream that our industry produces. I look forward to working with our industry again, and I am not done changing the face of the vending industry yet!”

For now, Boxes Near Me is being run as a pilot program in Arizona only.

Arizona businesses looking for more information can contact Dave Levine at 480-332-0844.