Campbell’s Partners To Create Snackbot Vending Machine To Quiz Employees

March 6, 2015

Campbell’s and A&G Labs have collaborated to invent an experiential, digital platform to surprise and delight Campbell employees called Snackbot.

The Snackbot is a reimagined vending machine transformed into an innovative tech experience. Snackbot quizzes Campbell’s Soup employees on the renowned company’s history, product offerings and digital marketing efforts. If an employee accepts the challenge and answers two out of three questions correctly, Snackbot instantly dispenses a delicious reward from Campbell’s product portfolio.

Created in collaboration with A&G Labs, the innovation unit of Boston and Philly ad agency Allen & Gerritsen, Snackbot’s interactive quiz powers the vending machine experience and was the answer to Campbell’s dual challenge of creating an internal initiative centered around incentivizing employee engagement and of exposing all team members to new technologies that are unexpected, educational and, most importantly, fun. Visit to learn more about how Snackbot has created an engaging experience for the Campbell’s World Headquarters.