Texas Police Nab Three Serial Vending Machine Robbers

Feb. 25, 2015

Police in Victoria, TX, have arrested three vending machine robbers believed to be responsible for more than 19 burglaries in the town. A police news release revealed that on Feb. 22 the Victoria Police Department’s 911 Center received a call in reference to subjects who were tampering with a coin operated machine.

Officers responded and saw the men meddling with a vending machine. The Victoria Advocate reports that the machine was damaged in the incident.

William Lutes, 35, was detained on scene.

Amengol Saenz, 52, fled on foot; officers gave pursuit and apprehended him.

The third subject, Martin Serna, 28, was inside a Chrysler Sebring when officers arrived. Serna fled from police in the vehicle. A short vehicle pursuit ensued but VPD officers along with the assistance of the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office captured Serna.

All three subjects were arrested and charged with burglary of a coin operated/collection machine.