AVT Partners With RSA Buying Group To Provide National Vending Sales, Services

Feb. 2, 2015

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (www.autoretail.com), a leading manufacturer of Automated Retailing Systems and custom vending machines, announced that they have partnered with RSA Buying Group, to provide sales and management of vending services at locations throughout the USA.

RSA will also be promoting AVT's newly developed "Express Market" Automated Retailing System – a combination vending machine that showcases healthier choices, with the flexibility to customize the product mix to maximize revenue for each location.

RSA will be marketing these innovative systems to their 1500 members, providing an opportunity to place the Express Market in businesses, high schools, colleges, transportation centers, and government buildings. Concurrently, RSA is launching a new campaign promoting healthy vending systems.

The agreement further calls for RSA to provide vending services for AVT's systems now placed in a national chain of fitness centers.

For more information on RSA, call (855) 978-6800.

For more information on AVT, call (877) 424-3663, or visit: www.autoretail.com


RSA is a privately held company led by John Murn, a 30-year veteran of the food service industry, and considered a leading authority on healthy vending. Murn also serves as the Vice President of the New York State Automatic Vending Association (NYSAVA), and was one of the leaders behind the "Taste NY" vending initiative, which recently premiered at the Great New York State Fair.


AVT is a world leader in customized self-service solutions, and has developed patented technologies that have gained international acclaim. The company has won numerous awards for innovative vending designs, and is credited with being one of the leading forces in the Automated Retailing Industry.

AVT has worked with some of the largest retailers and brands in the world. Their systems are in use everyday throughout America.

AVT is a publicly traded company, ticker: AVTC.


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