High Security Lock Wins U.S. Patent

Sept. 25, 2014

Camlock Systems Inc of Southington, CT, is pleased to announce that a utility patent for its Series 35 range of high security locks, has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The mechanism of the Series 35 features a unique asymmetrical warded keyway. Seven stainless steel elements (sidebars) provide the locking. That makes it bump proof.  The manufacturing tolerances and technology make it virtually pick proof as well.  The Series 35 provides a high degree of resistance against physical attack. The hardened steel body and center post offer protection from drilling. An additional hardened roller inside the lock spins freely should a drill bit come into contact with it. All keys are cut by the factory and there are no other key blancs in distribution. The patent virtually eliminates the possibility of thieves gaining access with an unauthorized duplicate key.

The patent, obtained on the 1st July 2014, is now protecting the integrity and cutting edge design of the Series 35, including its locking mechanism and key. It is valid for a period of 20 years and is registered under patent number US 8,763,435 B2.

The lock is available as a ‘Bullet’ type locking insert for T-Handles, and as a cam lock in three different body lengths. It can be supplied ‘keyed alike’, where all locks in one set are made to the same key combination or ‘keyed different’ where each lock in a set is operated by its own individual key. Camlock has already had much success with the lock in vending, kiosk, self-serve, and ATM markets. Each end user receives a registered key code that is exclusive for their operation.

Martin McCaffrey, Technical Director at Camlock Systems and one of the inventors of the new lock, says: “The Series 35 is a unique high security concept which can easily be retro-fitted for upgrade or designed into new equipment. The patent enables us to offer our customers even more peace of mind.”

More information on the Series 35 can be found on the website: http://www.camlock.com/English(USA)/HTML/Cam-locks-Series-35.php.


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