Airtow Trailers Announces Expansion With New Ohio Location

Aug. 29, 2014

LA VERNE, CA – For many years, Airtow Trailers has proudly served a passionate, loyal customer base from its Southern California manufacturing facility. The company announced that it has expanded with a brand new Ohio location.

At present, the Ohio location will be a distribution warehouse setup as a ship out point to mid-West, Southern and East coast customers. In some cases, this will greatly reduce turnaround time for order processing and, in most cases, significantly reduce freight costs. This location will also serve as a reduced freight pickup location. In the future, the company will be manufacturing trailers in Ohio as well.

“We recognized that we were missing out on a huge market of hard-working people that needed the superior quality of Airtow’s hydraulic-lift trailer but couldn’t justify tacking on the additional freight costs to have it shipped from the West coast. So, we’re bringing them to you.”  said Airtow Trailers’ Sales Manager, Travis Townsend.

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