Video: Parks Coffee Recommends Protecting Liquid Assets With Guardian Water Systems

Aug. 7, 2014

In its latest video segment, Parks Coffee discusses the positive aspects of regular maintenance on office ice makers. “Typically our cleaning process will be every six months, but depending on the type of water that you have, and the area that you're in -- how hard your water is, how much your usage is -- that will dictate the recurring for the cleaning process,” explained Corporate Trainer Shayne Dillion in a release. “If it doesn't happen properly, you're going to have dirty ice; you're going to have material in your ice you don't want.”

Regular filter changes and cleanings are important for water coolers and coffee brewers as well. "When you think about coffee, coffee is 99.9% water. We want to make sure that the equipment is cleaned properly, because that's going to affect the taste of our product. We roast and grind all of our own coffee here at Parks Coffee, it's so important that we give our customers the cleanest possible equipment because it's going to affect their experience with our coffees,” says Shayne. Watch video.