Indiana’s Jeff Snyder Encourages Operators To Rally Behind Jon Ford

May 15, 2014

Jeff Snyder of Snyder Food Services in Fort Wayne, Ind., who was a candidate in the election for Indiana’s Senate District 15, is encouraging operators to support Jon Ford of Indiana’s Senate District 38. Snyder was defeated in the state’s primary election on May 6; however, Ford of All State Manufacturing in Terre Haute, Ind., was successful in the primary elections and will appear on the ballot in November’s general election.

In a statement to VendingMarketWatch, Snyder said, “I encourage the industry to support Jon. We are on the Indiana Vending Council together and we share the same concerns regarding the industry and I’m sure he will be paying attention to those issues if he is elected to office.”

Snyder looks back on his candidacy as a positive impact on future lobbying issues. “I’ve met many incumbents and people in office,” said Snyder. “So from a lobbying standpoint, that will help the Indiana vending industry moving forward.”

Snyder said he will continue his efforts in politics on a state level. “I will never back down from lobbying for the vending industry,” he said. “They are not going to run me out of the Statehouse.”

He concluded, “For everyone who came to my support donating time and/or money: thank you. I am deeply grateful for everything.”