365 Unveils Gen3c Kiosk At 2014 NAMA OneShow

April 18, 2014

365 Retail Markets is proud to announce the unveiling of its newest kiosk – the Gen3c. This is the fourth installment of the company’s product line and highlights the industry shift towards smaller, more mobile hardware while maintaining a robust set of features.

“We feel that it’s a game changer,” 365 Retail Markets’ CEO Joe Hessling said of the new kiosk, in a prepared statement. “Over the past year, our customers have pushed us to pack all of our features into a smaller, more mobile kiosk. With the Gen3c, we’re doing just that – giving our customers our most versatile model to date.”

The Gen3c comes equipped with the most recent software update which includes bilingual capabilities, an enhanced user portal, email / SMS receipt options, new reporting and an updated kiosk interface as some of the many new features. What makes the Gen3c stand apart from its predecessor, however, is the ability to accept cash and print out paper receipts through a detachable side module. While these features have been included in previous kiosk models, this is the first time they are being deployed in such a small, versatile package.

“The only success we will have is the success that we share with our operators,” Matt Caston, chief strategy officer, said of the unveiling. “Listening to what they are looking for and tailoring a product to meet their needs is at the core of our business model. We’re excited for the new opportunities that the Gen3c will provide for operators and how it will help to grow 365 as a company – providing the ideal environment for the next iteration of our micro market technology.”


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