American Heritage Enters Agreement To Sell E-Cigarettes In Vending

April 15, 2014

American Heritage International Inc. (American Heritage) announced that it has secured an agreement with Avalon Group LLC, a vending machine distributor for First Class Vending Machines, a company that has over 25,000 vending machines nationwide. American Heritage electronic cigarettes will be sold in 330 vending machines in Las Vegas, Nev. to start. The vending machines will utilize American Heritage's point of sale marketing material and will sell its Platinum, Original Red and Menthol varieties of its premium disposable e-cigarettes.

Anthony Sarvucci, CEO of American Heritage, said in a prepared statement, "This is American Heritage's first vending machine agreement and we look forward to expanding our distribution through Avalon into vending machines nationwide." Sarvucci went on to say, "We are working hard to meet the demands from customers, expanding into the vending category allows us to do just that. Our brand has been well received and customers are eager to make the switch to what we believe is the closest they can get to a traditional cigarette in terms of realistic look, feel and taste."