Bachtelle & Associates Report 2013 Micro Market Location Dollar Sales Total $233.8 Million

April 11, 2014

Bachtelle and Associates has released its 2013 Micro Market Channel Census based upon micro market and kiosk operating data provided by seven micro market kiosk suppliers active within the channel during 2013.

Suppliers submitted completed census questionnaires on kiosk activity, including placements and removals, aggregate micro market sales data, year-end 2012 and 2013 location counts and expectations for year-end 2014 and future channel growth.

The census found that the number of total micro markets nearly doubled in 2013 to 5,123, increasing by 2,511, or 95 percent, over the 2012 base of 2,642.

Active micro market kiosks increased in 2013 from 2,724 to 5,426, a 2013 growth rate of 99.2 percent.

The 2013 end-of-year kiosk installation base combined prior year locations plus new and removed kiosks:

  • Year-end 2012 kiosk install base equaled 2,724
  • 2013 kiosk installations equaled 2,950
  • 2013 kiosk removals equaled 248
  • Year-end 2013 install base equaled 5,426
  • 2013 net kiosk installation growth equaled 2,702, or 99.2 percent
  • Multiple kiosk micro markets was 243 (4.7 percent)
  • Average kiosks/multiple market was 2.1

The 248 kiosk removals from micro market sites reflects a 4.4 percent removal rate of all active 2013 kiosks.

In 2013, projected total micro market channel sales increased at a faster rate than micro market installations. Total micro market product sales in 2013 was $233.8 million, which is $143.1 million over 2012 channel sales (157.7 percent increase). 2013 full-year sales/kiosk average equaled $47,771, slightly below (-1.3 percent) the 2012 full-year average of $48,410. Average sales tax rate equaled 4.3 percent of micro market sales.

Significant and accelerating growth within the micro market channel occurred in 2013, with total active micro market sites at 5,153, or 95.0 percent versus prior year. Total 2013 year-end kiosk installations were up 99.2 percent versus prior year. In year-end 2011, 1,012 kiosks were installed while year-end 2012 saw a total of 2,724 installations.

Total 2013 micro market location dollar sales totaled $233.8 million, an increase of 154.9 percent over prior year. For more information, contact Brad Bachtelle at [email protected].


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