Avanti To Release Patent-Pending Product To Control Theft In Micro Markets

April 8, 2014
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Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets announced on April 2 that a patent-pending product was soon to be released exclusively by Avanti Markets to help combat theft in the market. “The question operators always ask me is how can they better control theft in the market, and while we can never fully control it without costly expenses, this patent-pending product will allow for preventative measures to exist” said Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets, in a prepared statement.

The product would allow for consumers to see latest purchases on an external monitor and display some of the top selling items within the market. It would create preventative theft measures because consumers would see the previous transactions and would create another “eye” in the market, according to the release. Many times the markets are placed in company break rooms and employees not only police each other, but will now be able to more easily, by seeing it on a screen. The time stamps would allow for ease to the operator who may potentially need to monitor the cameras or review footage at any time. This is an exclusive product that will be provided by Avanti to help operators control theft in the market by taking higher preventative measures. The product is anticipated to being released by the end of the second quarter.