Breakroom Provisions Debuts New Micro Market Anti-Theft Feature At OneShow

April 7, 2014

Breakroom Provisions Co. (BP) has announced the debut of integrated image capture with its anti-theft “widget” at the upcoming NAMA OneShow. The anti-theft widget with image capture is part of ECR Software Corp.’s mobile-ready, HTML 5 office suite for vending micro markets. ECRS develops award-winning retail automation solutions, and is the technology partner for BP.

With small ticket purchases and low margins that represent the majority of vending transactions, theft is a major concern among vending operators as self-service micro markets continue to grow in popularity, reports the release. In order to remain success, the vending operator must seek balance between new technology, consumer demand and loss prevention. To this end, the innovative anti-theft widget with image capture and transaction recognition provides a quick and easy way to view the top 20 customers who have the highest quantity of all voids, item corrects and returns during kiosk transactions. It provides a high-level view of customers and, by proxy, employees who may be involved in “sweet-hearting” or other types of fraudulent transactions. This graphical widget is part of the Catapult Dash™ executive dashboard that comes standard with all kiosks. Based on HTML5 technology, Dash is browser accessible (with the proper authorization level) from any terminal, including smartphone and tablet devices.

A camera kit is mounted on top of the kiosk or built into the terminal, and suspicious transactions trigger the camera to capture an image of the user. Captured images are automatically associated with the transaction detail and displayed graphically on the anti-theft widget. Current BP sites will be able to purchase a camera kit to install on their existing kiosk terminal.

Stop by BP’s booth No.863 at the NAMA OneShow to learn more about this new feature and other exciting new micro market technology being introduced by BP in 2014.


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