New Paleo Diet Vending Machine Offers Grass Fed Meats, Organic Foods

March 31, 2014

PaleoExpress announces delivery and installation of the industry’s first exclusive Paleo diet vending machines, providing convenient access to what Paleo describes as nutritious and wholesome food on-the-go. PaleoExpress vending solutions offers the freshest, paleo-centric foods available, including grass fed meats, organic grain-free nut based granolas and bars, sweet potato and apple purees, paleo protein and recovery drinks and many other selections.

“We are beyond excited to offer this source of nourishment to on-the-go athletes, paleotarians, and those in the general public who are nutritionally conscious,” said Alex Palm, cofounder of PaleoExpress, in a prepared statement. Will Bomar, partner and cofounder agrees and adds, “Many times I have found myself frustrated when trying to find the “least bad” food while traveling. I envision our machines offering relief to those in a nutritional desert.”

Because most PaleoExpress products are minimally processed and contain no preservatives, all PaleoExpress vending solutions are climate controlled and restocked frequently. PaleoExpress is not a franchise, nor a traditional vending method. According to the release, the business is based on a Partner Program -- a national approach collaborating with the host location that helps to maintain the equipment while sharing profits on each purchase. Sales are tracked in a real-time cloud database.