Consumer Focused Vender Accepts Jewelry, Dispenses Cash

March 21, 2014

Goldstur, a fully automated solution turning precious metals into cash, recently announced its entry into the marketplace.  

According to the release, consumers will have the opportunity to access a simple, accurate and quick way of exchanging their gold and silver for cash - all within two minutes or less. Using Goldstur’s groundbreaking technology to analyze at lightning speed, its kiosks will streamline the consumer’s process for turning unwanted jewelry into cash.  

Until now, consumers have had to suffer through a delayed payout process receiving their precious metal appraisals from a confusing and questionable market of mail-in services, pawn shops, local pop up stores and jewelers. The release explains that Goldstur gives consumers a trusted and accurate appraisal within two minutes of starting the process and for the small appraisal fee of only $2.  

“Goldstur is mining for precious metals where it is most abundant: the household,” said Jay Franks, vice president, sales and marketing, Goldstur, in a prepared statement.  “Goldstur is a disruptive technology. Much like Redbox has eliminated the existence of the video store with its convenience and speed, we envision Goldstur doing away with Mail-In Cash for Gold providers and ‘mom and pop’ stand-alone shops. Our kiosk conveys professionalism, trust, and security with cutting edge technology that is 100 percent patent protected; we are streamlining what is currently a fragmented industry.”   

Goldstur’s analysis and accurate pricing is a result of the company’s patented algorithm that combines the four factors required to provide an accurate price: 1) the make-up of jewelry to a micron 2) weight 3) mass 4) real-time commodity pricing. In fact, all precious metal commodity prices are updated in real time to the Goldstur systems further ensuring accuracy. This formula provides customers the best and most accurate pricing for their precious metals - ensures premium payout to the customer, reports the release.

Goldstur plans to expand its presence rapidly; aiming to install at grocers, big box stores, retailers and banks globally. The kiosks are designed with busy shopping center locations in mind and have the ability to perform unlimited transactions a day. Upon receiving the appraisal of their precious metals, consumers have the choice to receive a cash voucher, gift card or pay-pal. If a consumer decides that they don’t want to trade in their goods at the price quoted by Goldstur, they always have the alternative of declining the offer, and simply paying the $2 appraisal fee.  

“Retailers stand only to benefit from having Goldstur kiosks in their stores; Goldstur adds revenue, traffic, convenience and innovation to the retailer immediately upon installation,” said Franks. “Goldstur is providing consumers with new currency that has never been available before, and in turn, provides retailers with natural traffic to their stores that requires no in-store labor or cost of ownership.”  

Goldstur’s YouTube video.  

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