LIFE Ionizers Redesigns LV-1000 Vending Machine

March 17, 2014

LIFE Ionizers has recently redesigned the LV-1000 alkaline water vending machine to lower the cost of ownership for business owners, according to the release. Many small business owners who have had great success with LIFE's previous alkaline water vending machines offered suggestions to make it even better. The new LV-1000 vending machine has the right combination of affordability and profitability.

Consumers are paying about $2 for a 16 ounce bottle in stores, and some retailers can barely keep it in stock at that price. LIFE Ionizers new LV-1000 alkaline water vending machine offers business owners a better way to cash in on the demand for alkaline water. With an LV-1000, a business can offer alkaline water for a lot less than $2 a bottle and make much higher profits. LIFE’s LV-1000 gives business owners the opportunity to offer alkaline water at economical vending machine prices that beat bottled water.

The LV-1000 alkaline water vending machine is NAMA certified, which means it meets legal requirements for use in all 50 states and worldwide. The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is the national trade association for the food and refreshment vending, coffee service and foodservice management industries. NAMA certification guarantees that the LV-1000 is ready to be licensed for use in any place of business.

LIFE’s LV-1000 uses a combination of reverse osmosis and UV Light treatment to make pure water. The LV-1000 then adds a healthy mix of alkaline minerals for optimum nutritional value The added minerals alkalize the water to healthy pH levels. The LV-1000 can be programmed to vend any size bottle of alkaline water up to 5 gallons.

The LV-1000 is ideal for any business with a health conscious clientele including health food stores, gyms, yoga studios and more. People prefer the taste of alkaline mineral water because it tastes better than plain water - it’s slightly sweeter and more refreshing. The great taste, combined with the benefits of alkaline water and the economical price keeps customers coming back for more. LIFE’s LV-1000 can vend 400 gallons a day of alkaline water with a pH of up to 9 (8.5 in California).

The machine has remote monitoring capabilities and sends a notification when it’s time to collect money from the vending machine. It also provides a daily update on how much money was collected, and how much water was dispensed. In addition, the LV-1000 accepts coins and bills, and it can be upgraded to accept credit cards and smart cards.

LIFE Ionizers President and CEO, Rick H. Cabados said in a prepared statement  that the LV-1000 was designed as an economical choice for business owners who want a high margin profit center that increases customer loyalty. "The LV-1000 is a big improvement on our previous vending machine. We've incorporated all the features that current vending machine owners asked for, and are able to offer it at a great price. Our financing department has come up with several innovative options for business owners to put one of these machines in their store. Interested business owners should call us for details."