Tennessee Automatic Merchandising Association Hosts Legislative Day

Feb. 24, 2014

The Tennessee Automatic Merchandising Association (TAMA) hosted its annual legislative day event at the state capitol in Nashville, Tenn.

The group divided into teams and visited state lawmakers’ offices to discuss TAMA’s longstanding commitment to preserving consumer choice by providing customers with snacks and beverages, including “better for you” options.  The group also delivered more than 400 bags containing sample snacks found in vending machines.

“TAMA has been at the forefront of the nutrition solution in our state. Specifically, we provide consumers with important nutrition information they need to make the right food selections for themselves so that snack and beverage choices do not require regulation by the government,” said TAMA President Mike Laurer, in a prepared statement.

“We encourage as many of our members as possible to participate in our annual legislative day so that we can educate our elected officials. I was proud to see several new members participate this year,” he continued. 

“Representing the vending industry in Tennessee, the members demonstrated the positive impact that vending has on local economies throughout the state,” said Sheree Edwards, NAMA legislative director, who participated in the event as well. “TAMA’s legislative day is an important part of the process to build relationships with our elected officials so that we can provide them the information they need to make informed decisions regarding relevant legislation,” she concluded.