Apriva's John Wojcik To Speak At The NACAS Conference

Oct. 22, 2013

Apriva announced that John Wojcik, the company’s vice president of sales, North America campus solutions, will speak at the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) Annual Conference, scheduled for Oct. 27 to 30 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, Calif. The presentation, which will identify technology deployment strategies that can help universities meet student expectations and increase revenue while minimizing disruption and costs, is scheduled for Oct. 29 at 10:15 a.m PST.

In his presentation, Wojcik will provide practical suggestions for universities to take advantage of new technologies that satisfy evolving student needs and maximize revenue. Focusing on the benefits of cloud-based architectures, Wojcik will explain how universities can seamlessly deliver critical services like security, food service, laundry, special events, parking and document management – and even fundraising activities – through a single integration point. In addition, Wojcik will describe how cloud architectures give universities the flexibility to add new features and services whenever they wish, support new terminals and devices without any disruption and provide enhanced security and reliability to consumers. 

“Apriva has been at the forefront of providing compelling, cost-efficient cloud-based technologies – in all types of environments – for many years,” said Stacey Finley Tappin, the company’s senior vice president for sales and marketing communications in North America, in a prepared statement. “As universities evaluate the best means for integrating new services into their infrastructures, we are convinced that the cloud-based approach remains the most cost-effective, compelling and seamless method for leveraging these offerings. We are very happy to share our experiences with the attendees at NACAS, and discuss how cloud technology continues to best serve the unique needs of the campus environment.” 


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