Supermarket Guru To Give Keynote At Healthy Beverage Expo, Reveal Consumer Beverage Trends

Feb. 6, 2013

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru, will deliver this year's keynote at the Healthy Beverage Expo, June 7 to 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. As part of the presentation, Lempert will reveal a consumer panel survey consisting of more than 110,000 consumers on beverage consumption habits, preferences, knowledge of healthy beverages and what's most important to them, among other areas. The session is also open to attendees of World Tea Expo, which is co-located with Healthy Beverage Expo.

"The future is huge for healthy beverages," said Lempert, in a prepared statement. "I anticipate more demand for healthy beverages and a very interesting product development cycle in the near future. Now is a critical time for the industry to delve into this segment. Indeed, recent news and attacks on unhealthy beverages and sodas has not changed behavior. So we need to get back to the basics and communicate and educate consumers; help customers understand the definition of a healthy beverage; make them aware of the healthy beverage options on the shelf; and promote the benefits of these types of drinks. And rather than trying to glamorize products, manufacturers need to emphasize the simple facts and ingredients of their beverages. In tandem, we need to keep evolving our healthy beverages in terms of taste. Because as we all know; if it doesn't taste good -- even if it's healthy -- consumers won't buy into it. Taste is no. 1."

In addition to being the keynote presenter, Lempert is on the advisory board of Healthy Beverage Expo, which focuses on numerous types of drinks, including: bottled water, dairy, juice drinks, sports and nutritional beverages, herbal extracts and other alternative products that are beneficial for consumers.

A distinguished author and speaker, Lempert is well known as The Supermarket Guru (, alerting customers and business leaders of impending corporate and consumer trends, empowering them to make educated purchasing and marketing decisions. He is also recognized as the food trends editor and correspondent for NBC News' Today Show, where he reports on consumer trends, food safety, money-saving tips and new products.

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