Photographer Tips: How To Make Product Photos Pop

Sept. 12, 2012

San Francisco professional photographer Michael Soo reveals tips and tricks on how to present products in a professional and desirable way. These pointers may prove helpful for businesses looking for new ways to market their products.

“People are largely visual creatures and an inviting image is imperative to marketing your product,” said Michael Soo, in a prepared statement. “Whether it’s for electronics, food, clothing or jewelry, there are a few simple rules that anyone can use to make those product images pop.”

White Background

Soo typically places products in an all-white background for a variety of purposes. White backgrounds are affective on consumers because:  

  • A white background has a happier look compared to black dreary background.
  • A white background offers a clean and sophisticated look.
  • The lack of color aside from the product itself draws the attention to the product instead of distractions.
  • The white backdrop look is also easier on the eyes and offers consistency throughout websites or catalogs
  • Another route is a white backdrop accompanied with a slight reflection of the product at the bottom. This offers a sleek and polished look that is highly sought after.

Lots of Lighting

Possibly the most important part of lighting is that reflective products need to be lighted in a controlled environment, as to showcase the shape of the product.

  • Most of these are achieved using studio lights that are three to ten times the size of the products. That way, the light will wrap around the item, showcasing the lines instead of distracting the view.
  • A silhouette also reduces the distraction on what the models look like and let the viewer focuses on the product itself.

Use Tilt-Shift Lens

Lenses to use are just as important. Soo recommends a tilt-shift specialty lens for products to ensure that proper areas are in focus while other areas will fall out of focus.

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