Bee Line Inc. Expands Into Healthy Vending In Chicago, Ill.

July 15, 2011

Bee Line Inc. of Elk Grove Village Ill. has added a new company to their conglomerate. Bee Line Vending for Health, LLC has placed its first batch of healthy vending machines in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs this quarter.

Bee Line has been a presence in Chicago since the 1950s servicing commercial facilities for maintenance, cleaning and construction. With over 250 employees and a solid reputation in the Chicago market, owner Jamie van Vuren decided it was time to follow her passion and the needs of the marketplace. In 2011 Bee Line Vending for Health, LLC was established.

Friends of the family owned company often ask, “but why a third company?” Jamie Van Vuren, Bee Line’s president, is also a mom. A few years ago, Jamie noticed just how few healthy choices were out there for her kids.

“My kids are on the swim team” explained van Vuren in a prepared statement. “They work out really hard. That burns a lot of calories. After practice, they need to refuel and so they run to the vending machine. Well, the machines were stocked with junk…sugary candy bars and colas. It is not the way to refuel a hungry body that needs nutrients.”

Looking around, he noticed that it wasn’t just children who had limited options. Despite the fact that America suffers from an obesity epidemic which threatens lives and costs billions of dollars each year, very few vending companies were willing to offer healthy choices in their machines.

Bee Line already had in place all the infrastructure to start a vending company. A full management staff, corporate headquarters, a fleet of over 20 vehicles and the experience in the service industry.” That coupled with a passion for healthy living (Jamie and her husband are both Ironman triathletes and maintain a very active lifestyle) made the optimum starting ground.

Bee Line offers a wide selection of healthy snacks for every taste. Our state-of-the-art machines are designed to keep inventory fresh, tasting great and always available. They accept credit, debit, and even student meal cards, making payment convenient. It’s never been easier for a population on the go to make fast, healthy food choices.