2010: Startling Stats about the engagement of YOUR workforce!

April 12, 2010
Engagement: everyone talks about it, but what does it really mean?Gallup Research says: 29% of a company's workers are engaged (your 'stars'); 54% are disengaged (your 'so-so's') and 17% are ACTIVELY disengaged (your 'passengers).So what? It is estimated the ACTIVELY disengaged employee wastes 2.5 hours per day, EVERY day. At $20 per hour, that person is costing you $50 per day. On an annual basis, they are costing you $11,000, mininum.What if your company is 'average' and 17% of your work force are 'passengers', what is lack of engagement costing you?Are your employees engaged? The results ofa recent survey at a company with 33 employees ("we're small, we've got a handle on our employees; it's the big companies at that are at risk") surprised the owner when he found out more than 50% (17) of employees that were either 'so-so's' or 'passengers'.....MORE THAN 50%! (and he thought he was OK....YIKES!)So what can you do? There are many different tools that can measure your employees engagement. If you would like some help finding the best solution for your situation, I will be happy to assist....just send me an email (and we'll avoid 'tele-tag').Regards,DavePS: If your are coming to NAMA at the end of the month and would like to meet for a cup of coffee, let me know!DHM.