Don’t Be Distracted By Obama’s School Initiative; NAMA Is Watching Closely

Feb. 10, 2010
Calorie disclosure is still in the works.
Feeling confused about calorie disclosure mandates for vending machines? Its understandable, but dont let yesterdays news distract you.Yesterday was a busy news day on the calorie disclosure front. The President and the First Lady introduced their Lets Move campaign to battle childhood obesity.The beverage industry announced its commitment to make calorie disclosure clearer on 20-ounce bottles and to include calorie information on vending machine selection buttons.In the meantime, we have been wondering when and how the government will require disclosure on vending machines in ALL locations.The vending industry doesnt like being in the public eye, especially when the mandates implicate vending for making consumers unhealthy.Dont be confused.Calorie disclosure is still in the works.Scott Browns recent Senate victory in Massachusetts slowed down the health care reform measure. This is the bill that requires vending operators who have at least 20 machines to post calorie information at the point of sale.But the mandate is still coming.NAMA has kept a close watch on this mandate, and NAMA reports that with health care reform less certain, federal lawmakers have added calorie disclosure to the food safety bill, which is currently in a joint House/Senate committee.It remains uncertain how vending operators will be required to meet the requirement.Vending operators will be facing calorie disclosure requirements, but the details are not yet clear. In the meantime, if you havent joined NAMA, the group thats looking out for your interest, join. Thats the least you can do.