The Era Of Big Government Is Back, So Give Me One Good Reason You Don't Join NAMA !!

Nov. 18, 2009

What a bunch of cowards and cheapskates!

The calorie disclosure requirement in the health care reform bill has raised interest in collective industry action as of late. If only more vending operators got the message, there might be a chance that the government will listen to us.

Last week, we had a blog discussion on the calorie disclosure proposal. Some operators were quick to say that they support the industry's national and state associations. Unfortunately, too few were able to say this. (Check the blog if you don't believe me.)

The time to act like a serious industry is now.

The calorie disclosure rule is only the beginning of a new government initiative to regulate us to death. A new era of government activism has arrived, and we've only gotten a small taste of it.

No matter how you feel about other government issues, none of us want a bunch of new rules to follow, and without a strong voice, this is exactly what's coming.

Here's a fact: Less than 20 percent of all operators belong to the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). NAMA estimates that 85 percent will be affected by the calorie disclosure rule. This is a good estimate; the rule applies to anyone with a minimum of 20 vending machines.

So a lot more of you need to get on board.

Many of you have issues with the things that NAMA does and doesn't do. This is fine. Its part of being part of an association. But its not a reason not to join.

For those of you cowards and cheapskates out there, and there are many of you, bring it on.

I want to hear from you NOW. Give me ONE good reason you don't belong to the national and state vending associations.