2014 Route Driver Of The Year Quarterly Winner, Rodney Montgomery, Imperial, LLC, Tulsa, OK

Dec. 17, 2014

For over twenty years Rodney Montgomery has been an integral part of the Imperial, LLC team, located in Tulsa, OK. For his customers, he creates an atmosphere of hospitality and enthusiasm in each breakroom and focuses on product merchandising. For his company, he is a promoter of the Imperial, LLC name and leads the business with the highest monthly sales.
Montgomery, the 2014 Fourth Quarter Route Driver of the Year, inspires the entire company with his perfect attendance, flawless driving record and impeccable account retention, not to mention his incredible work ethic, experience and enthusiasm for the job. “Rodney Montgomery is an asset and ambassador for our company,” said Imperial General Manager George Berry. “He sets the example of what defines a world-class route driver.”

No. 1 Priority

Montgomery focuses on merchandise presentation to appeal to the customer, who is his number one priority. “It is amazing how Rodney quickly becomes part of the ‘customer community’ which he services,” said Berry.
Montgomery is committed to keeping his customers happy regardless of how long it takes, sometimes working 12 hours or more per day. Even so, Montgomery maintains his enthusiasm and customers notice. “He has an eagerness to please the customer and he takes the time to listen,” said Berry. “Every customer he meets becomes a new friend.”

High account retention

Berry noted that the company is constantly getting calls complimenting Montgomery’s work ethic and jovial personality, both of which also help him maintain high account retention. “He has been with our company for 20 years and he is still the fastest, most thorough route person we have,” said Berry. “He tucks and fluffs all chips and he places all other products in the machine neatly to deliver a perfect presentation of our products,” Berry continued. Montgomery holds the company’s highest monthly sales record of $128,000.

Family man

When he’s not at work, Montgomery enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenny, and visiting his three children who are in college. Montgomery also gives back to his community by coaching little league baseball and football. All of this contributes to Montgomery’s success. “I want to congratulate Rodney on a job well done as he continues to provide his customers with world-class service,” concluded Berry.