2013 Route Driver Of The Year Quarterly Winner: Greg Winans, Munch A Bunch Vending Service, Escondido, Calif.

June 17, 2013
A member of a small staff, this route driver is always willing to go above and beyond his job description.

With two routes and three total employees, everybody at Munch A Bunch Vending Services is responsible for making decisions—even the route driver. The company’s veteran driver, Greg Winans, has been part of this tight-knit group for 20 years and does much more than fill machines.

“He’s extremely important to the operation,” Bobby Shepherd, nominator and president of Munch A Bunch, said. “I use him as my lead and run things by him when digesting any changes to the operation or adding accounts or how to manage an account that’s underperforming. I always try to get his input because of the amount of experience he has.”

Model employee

Winans doesn’t view his work as punch in and punch out, but is committed to the prosperity of the vending operation. “We often times partner up on busy days and when driving in a truck and servicing accounts all day together a good partner relationship is essential in order for our operation to run as efficiently as it does,” Shepherd said. “Greg’s positive attitude and dedication to the job are a big part of our success.”

Even on busy days, Winans wipes down machines and takes pride in his job. When Munch A Bunch recently adopted cashless card bezels, Winans embraced them. Although challenging at first, he has made servicing them a part of his daily routine.

“It’s not always easy to make changes to your routine,” Shepherd said. “Over the past couple of years we have continually evolved the way we run the business and some of these changes have been through the adoption of technology. Greg is always willing to give things a try and is patient and diligent when faced with new responsibilities,” said Shepherd.

Winans is being recognized by Mondelez International and Automatic Merchandiser as the Route Driver of the Year second quarter 2013 winner, with a chance at the Route Driver of the Year finalist spot and trip to the NAMA OneShow in April 2014. Nominations were scored on years as a driver, number of machines serviced, miles traveled, accidents and citations, sick days, speed, thoroughness, likability, number of compliments, friendliness, professional appearance, condition of truck, empty spirals and sales.

“In this day and age it is rare to find someone with such a strong work ethic and dedication to the job,” Shepherd added. “Greg is extremely reliable, honest and hard working, and even after a long day he is willing to go the extra mile if an account is in need.”