Betson Enterprises, Automated Services International And Choice Equipment Sales Expand To Southeast Region

Jan. 3, 2011
Betson Enterprises, Automated Services International And Choice Equipment Sales Expand To Southeast Region

Betson Enterprises has expanded its strategic marketing and sales agreement with Automated Services International (ASI) and Choice Equipment Sales (CES), leading distributors of quality used and reconditioned vending machines.

Betson, ASI and CES entered into an agreement in September 2010, the terms of which granted Betson sole sales and marketing rights for its Mid Atlantic and Northeast branches. Based on the immediate success and this relationship, the companies have added Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida to their marketing and sales agreement. CES, based in Charlotte, N.C. since 1989, will continue to work directly with its current customers, with growth support provided by Betson branches in Marietta, Ga. and their new location scheduled to open in Florida.

Together, they will continue to offer products and services to operators and locations in the Southeast region.

ASI will continue to be responsible for working with Betson personnel to drive sales throughout the region, and for coordinating all related support programs. CES will be responsible for sourcing raw product, and for refurbishing the machines at its facility in Charlotte, N.C.

"Reconditioned machines increasingly represent a viable, cost effective alternative, particularly in today's economic environment. We at Betson have been extremely satisfied with the first four months of our alliance with ASI and CES, and we are delighted that they have agreed to expand the territory to include a big piece of the ‘back yard' that they have been developing for more than 20 years," said Steven Betti, president of Betson Imperial Parts & Service in a prepared statement. "We think it says a lot about the value that all sides bring to the proposition, and we're looking forward to aggressively expanding the products and services provided by our Marietta, Ga. and Florida offices."

Said CES President Bob Loparco, "Joe's and my alliance with a company of Betson's stature is another example of our long history of trying to take our respective businesses to the next level. Working with them, as Steven said, in our ‘back yard' not only says a lot about the shared upside that we expect out of this expansion, but even more about the trust and confidence that we all have in each other, plus, of course, our combined ability to serve operators better throughout the region."

"These past 4 months have been extremely satisfying for me, both professionally and personally," commented ASI President Joe Loparco. "Steven Betti and I have been friends and business colleagues for many years, so we both knew what to expect from each other. But the response from the Betson sales, marketing, administrative and technical support teams has been extraordinary, and has really been the critical factors in expanding the territory so quickly. Stay tuned! There are still four more offices to work into the program!"