Dole Issues Worldwide Invitation To Join Efforts ​To Ensure Access to Nutritious Foods During COVID-19​

April 17, 2020
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC
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Dole Packaged Foods, LLC Issues Worldwide Invitation to Join Their Efforts ​to Ensure Access to Nutritious Foods During COVID-19

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE<)--In an effort to provide much-needed assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC has launched an initiative to supply nutritious foods to those in need. Dole is inviting other organizations and companies, large and small throughout the world, to join them to help cast a little sunshine in dark times and to ensure the health of those in need globally.

From kids to the elderly, to those who are on the front lines caring for others, through a series of donations and partnerships Dole is aiming to help close the gaps to access to healthy food in trying times. The company has committed its resources, facilities, and social impact efforts under its Sunshine for All Promise for people to have access to the nutritious food they need right now, including:​

  • Delivering sunshine for the frontline in partnership with several smoothie chains in local markets. Dole is delivering weekly, nutrient-packed smoothies or fruit care packages to 650 hospitals with personalized messages of gratitude, hope and encouragement to frontline workers from Dole employees. Additionally the brand is delivering vouchers for Dole products to health care workers in 5,000 hospitals nationwide.​
  • Teaming up with World Central Kitchen to support seniors and underserved families in California by supplying the wholesome nutrition they need to stay healthy with a donation of 15,000 cases of fruit cups and providing space for meal prep and staging.​
  • A commitment to Jackson, Mississippi, one of the largest food deserts in the U.S., to close the gap to access to wholesome, healthy food for residents. By working with the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Action, a partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs, and supporting students and families at Galloway Elementary, Dole is providing 2,100 cases of fruit cups and fridge packs, creating healthy meals for underserved families, providing notes of hope and encouragement, and making a cash donation to fix flood damage at local underserved schools. Additionally, Dole is committing to help Jackson close gaps in childhood nutrition over the next year.​
  • Partnering with Lyft to provide underserved seniors with nutritious foods in Seattle and Chicago. Through a “last-mile” partnership with Lyft, Dole will be paying Lyft drivers to pick up Dole products from outside its warehouses and deliver more than 4,000 cases of fruit cups to assisted living facilities.​
  • Working with the charity St Mungo’s to donate 14,500 fruit cups that will be distributed to some of the most vulnerable people in London, who are currently housed by the Intercontinental Hotel Group and would otherwise be homeless. In addition, Dole is forging partnerships with food banks in the UK to organize delivery of fruit cups to elderly residents currently isolating.​
  • Delivering fruit cups to healthcare workers in hospitals in Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Auckland, New Zealand; Manila, Philippines; Kobe, Japan; Singapore; Toronto, Canada, as well as those in regions of Thailand, Vietnam, India and Korea.

Dole will also launch a campaign honoring essential frontline workers as superheroes, thanking their partners, and calling on others to join their mission to make Sunshine For All a reality.

While this time may feel dark, Dole is committed to providing opportunities for people to find sunshine in their lives​.

“Dole wants to create a world where everyone – irrespective of age, income, location or gender – has access to what they need to stay healthy,” stated Pier Luigi Sigismondi, President, Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods. “Dole is committed to finding ways to help close the access gap to nutritious food in trying times, but we recognize we can’t do this alone. Now is the time for companies across all industries, sectors and countries to come together to make the biggest impact for good.”

Dole has also doubled down with their employees to ensure they have what they need to stay healthy. Dole has created resources for employees who may come in contact with the virus and is working to upgrade its hospital immunity facilities in Dolefil/Polomolok to ensure doctors are well equipped to service the community.

To learn more about Dole’s efforts and how you can join them, visit ​

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