CoolBreakrooms & Goomi Partner For Workplace Wellness

March 11, 2020

CoolBreakrooms has announced its partnership with Goomi, a national provider of on-site wellness and fitness workshops. CoolBreakrooms will be endorsing and featuring Goomi’s services on  

The CoolBreakrooms movement is improving breakrooms across the nation and profiling companies that embrace an improved workplace culture.  The company’s goal is to educate, inspire, and provide guidance on creating healthy and welcoming work environments.  “The partnership between Goomi and CoolBreakrooms is a natural fit,” says Neil Swindale, founder of CoolBreakrooms. “Both companies are dedicated to improving employee’s quality of life, health, and wellness in the workplace.” 

Goomi is a progressive company that puts corporate wellness within easy reach for every client.  It brings wellness programs directly to offices in every city in the US. Goomi offers a variety of on-site classes to suit every budget from yoga and mindfulness to high impact workouts to health fairs and massage. It’s founder, Mika Leah, is a young heart disease survivor and a warrior for wellness. She is a national ambassador for the American Heart Association and a member of AHA’s Board of Directors.



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