KIND Unveils Largest-Ever Innovation Expansion

Feb. 14, 2020
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KIND Unveils Largest-Ever Innovation Expansion; Brings Nutrient-Dense Promise to Frozen, Refrigerated, Snack Mix and Treat-Focused Aisles

NEW YORK (February 10, 2020) – KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) announced its biggest innovation expansion ever – consistent with its intention to become the foremost global leader in healthy snacking. Just as it disrupted and elevated the bar category, KIND will seek to bring innovative alternatives to taste-focused aisles, such as frozen treats. Like all KIND snacks, the newest offerings were created in a way consistent with the KIND Promise: the first ingredient in its snacks is always a nutrient-dense food recommended for daily consumption.

“Since day one, KIND has been obsessed with upholding our brand promise – to create innovative, premium foods that are both healthy and tasty,” says Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and Executive Chairman of KIND. “While these categories are new for us, each is consistent with how we’ve always entered new categories – with an eye to creatively elevate people’s overall experience.”

Starting this month, people will be able to find KIND in the following new aisles of the grocery store:

  • Frozen Aisle: In a category where ‘better-for-you’ too often comes with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols and ‘real ingredients’ comes with indulgence, KIND FROZEN™ Bars define a new space so you can feel good about enjoying the frozen treat you deserve. KIND FROZEN Bars are plant-based, creamy frozen treat bars made from nutrient-dense nuts, layered with smooth dark chocolate and nut butter.
  • Chocolate Aisle: KIND® Bark is one of the first-ever treat offerings that leads with a nutrient-dense first ingredient. KIND Bark features nuts and is made with 55% cacao dark chocolate that is Fair Trade certified, giving consumers a treat that they can feel good about eating. Most retailers will choose to shelve KIND Bark in the chocolate aisle.
  • Refrigerated Aisle: the refrigerated snacking category remains largely untapped, yet demand continues to rise. KIND is bringing its expertise to this aisle with KIND® Nut Butter Bar, its first-ever refrigerated, smooth and creamy nut butter protein bar.
  • Snack Mix Aisle: The KIND snack mix platform will introduce hand-to-mouth, grain-free versions of best-selling KIND bars. The new offerings fall into the following sub-categories:
    • KIND Nut & Fruit Clusters
    • KIND Nut & Seed Clusters

About KIND Healthy Snacks

Since 2004, KIND has been on a mission to make the world a little kinder one snack and act at a time. KIND was born out of its founder's desire to create a snack that was healthy and tasty, wholesome and convenient. What began as a line of premium Fruit & Nut bars sparked the creation of a new healthier snacking category. Today, KIND has a family of more than 80 snacks that offer solutions for a variety of occasions. KIND recently acquired Creative Snacks Co., a family owned better-for-you snack manufacturer based in North Carolina. Creative Snacks’ award-winning snack offerings feature premium ingredients and include almond and coconut nut clusters, trail mixes, granolas, and pretzels.

KIND’s recipes use nutrient-dense, premium ingredients like nuts, seeds, whole grains and fruit, which are recommended for a healthy diet. All snacks do not contain genetically engineered ingredients and are not sweetened with sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.Kindness has always been at the core of its business. KIND was founded with a social mission, the KIND Movement, which celebrates and inspires kindness. Today, the Movement is brought to life through the brand and The KIND Foundation.

KIND is majority founder- and team-owned, and every full-time team member has a stake in the company. To learn more about KIND, KIND® bars and to join our Movement, visit


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