Technomic Reveals 7 Hot Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Oct. 24, 2019
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CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Technomic has used its predictive capabilities to reveal seven trends to expect in the foodservice industry in 2020, along with the common threads of connection among these trends. As these developments connect and cycle forward, they'll create a lasting impact on the foodservice industry in 2020 and beyond.

Find highlights below and uncover all seven trends here:

Cool Colors Heat Up: Following the hype of yellow turmeric, orange wine, red chile crisp and other warm-color foods, we are now seeing shades of trending ingredients cool off. Greens such as new rabes and cresses and new lettuces like celtuce, kale hybrids and komatsuna will pile up on plates, as familiar leaf vegetables, sea greens, peas and absinthe take over cocktails.

The Year of the Fad: Restaurants will increasingly menu wow-factor, uber-limited-time offers to cause media frenzy with fare that's either expensive, laborious, hard to acquire from suppliers or so off-the-wall they know the enthusiasm won't last. What this means is that we'll progressively see operators—even large chains—jumping on fads instead of waiting for trends as they have in the past. Expect head-scratcher fare such as Asian cheese tea, huitlacoche (corn smut), edible insects and technically illegal tonka beans and CBD to find momentum.

New Forces of Nature: As the plant-forward movement carries on, operators will need to look to new natural resources to keep menus exciting. Previously overlooked parts of familiar plants, such as beet greens, sweet potato leaves and avocado blossom, will get attention as a form of waste reduction. Another sustainable initiative, seaweed will make waves not just in snacks but in desserts and drinks, while sea beans find interesting applications.

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