Fresh, Healthy Vending Machines Are A Hit In Chicago

Aug. 17, 2018

The windy city has a new favorite fad: vending machines carrying healthy items, specifically salad, according to Fox 32. One of these companies, Farmer’s Fridge, has found that Chicago has been a great location for its salad vending machines. As more and more consumers are looking for healthy options, salad vending machines are becoming a popular choice for airports, universities, offices, and other locations.  

The idea of salad coming from a vending machine has been concerning to some consumers, with things like contamination in mind, but the success of this vending machine has outweighed consumer concerns.  

Salad vending machines, as well as vending machines offering healthy options have given consumers the opportunity to purchase food that they believe is better-for-you. The rise of vending machines offering more and different option offers consumers what they are demanding, while creating a new segment of its own.  


Editor’s Note: Incorporating healthy options in a micro market and vending machines increases the likelihood of a growth in sales, as consumers are demanding choices that fit their lifestyle and eating habits.