Healthy Vending Company Offers Innovative Technology For Training Powered By Trainual

July 2, 2018

InstaHealthy, a Healthy Vending and Micro Market company operating on a people-first philosophy, announced today the launch of their innovative training platform that will revolutionize the industry by offering an online platform that gives access digitally to equipment training, product development, location procurement and additional guidelines for their InstaPartners across the country. The new platform can be accessed digitally via any smartphone or any other device with internet access. This support and training platform is powered by Trainual, a state-of-the-art digital software that is an effective way to centralize policies, training and/or reference guides for businesses. 

InstaPartners will now have access to introductory training, guides, procedures, planograms, machine maintenance and much more at their fingertips. The new training platform will feature step by step instructions, training videos and up to date notifications to any updates or changes. InstaHealthy CEO, Ryan O’Keefe, said “Our new high tech support program being offered to our current and new InstaPartners puts our company ahead of the curve by setting the pace to forward-thinking solutions in training, guides, and support. We are the tip of the spear that is truly revolutionizing the  vending industry.” 

InstaHealthy will be partnering with Trainual, the digital software training and operations manual for modern businesses,  to provide the technology that will centralize and distribute their different guidelines and training procedures that also includes an accountability component. “We are thrilled to have InstaHealthy as partners,” says Trainual CEO, Chris Ronzio. “We look forward to helping to educate InstaPartners on InstaHealthy’s standards and procedures with our innovative digital platform,” adds Ronzio. 

Founded in 2015, InstaHealthy offers healthy and organic snacks and drinks inside state-of-the-art healthy vending machines at schools, hospitals, shopping centers, YMCAs and other high-traffic locations. Its sought-after business model offers new ways for entrepreneurs and business owners to generate additional income streams, diversify portfolios while making a difference in their respective cities around the country. The company provides investors (whom they refer to as InstaPartners) with state-of-the-art equipment, location procurement, product development and more. 

To learn more about InstaHealthy, and its partnership program, click here. To receive a free healthy vending machine at your school, hospital, or business, call (888) 243-8074 or take our online Quiz.