ZICO® Coconut Water™ Unveils New Help Your Self Campaign

June 28, 2018

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coconuts, or is it? Can a first grader inspire change—or better yet, corporate change? ZICO® Coconut Water’s newest national campaign that encourages consumers to nourish their bodies and minds through holistic living, Help Your Self, shows consumers just how. 

Given full control of the ZICO office for 48 hours as interim CEO, Estella used her new leadership role at the ZICO Company to dole out naps, take the team out to recess, turn a conference room into a ball pit, and even ride a pony around the office. It was wild, it was distracting, and ultimately, it was exactly what ZICO needed to stimulate plans for meaningful organizational change ahead. 

A CEO Who Still Needs a Ride and Supervision by Mom, Replaces ZICO President Tom Larsen - Link: https://youtu.be/aHtyDj4z1y8 

Estella’s stint as the brand’s mini executive shows how little moments in our day—the unexpected shared laughter between co-workers, a quick snack break, impromptu conference room celebrations—all add up to simple ways to Help Your Self. “Estella’s new friends at ZICO told me that it was the best day ever,” shared Estella’s mom. 

Born out of ZICO’s commitment to helping consumers bring out the best version of themselves, the Help Your Self campaign aims to inspire people to think differently about holistic wellness. The brand believes holistic wellness IS for everyone—from yogis to new parents to entrepreneurs and beyond. 

“We know holistic wellness can oftentimes feel overwhelming and unachievable, but as a brand we’re committed to shifting perception to motivate positive change,” shared Meghann Seidner, ZICO Vice President of Marketing. “We believe small changes can propel us to thrive in today’s world – and it can be simpler than one may think!” 

“Handing the CEO reins to someone who still needs a ride to work from mom, was a first at the ZICO company,” said Tom Larsen, ZICO President & General Manager. “We quickly learned that there was no one more fitting than Estella to showcase to our audience how easy holistic wellness can be. Just as ZICO’s 100% Coconut Water can be a simple addition to the day, we want to help consumers embrace holistic living and hydrate the WHOLE you - mind, body and soul.” 

Want the full scoop beyond Estella’s 48 hours with ZICO? ZICO will further share the Help Your Self message through numerous consumer touch-points in key markets across the US. Other core campaign components include large-scale digital and social campaigns, out-of-home events, advertising support, and more. 

For more Help Your Self inspiration, head on over to ZICO.com, check out more CCEO content on youtube.com/Zico or be our friend on Instagram.com/ZICOcoconut, Facebook.com/ZICOcoconut, and Twitter.com/ZICOcoconut. 

About ZICO Beverages LLC. 

Founded in 2004, ZICO Beverages LLC (pronounced Zee-co) is the maker of ZICO® Coconut Water™. Beyond the original, bestselling product, ZICO Natural Coconut Water, which is 100% not from concentrate coconut water with no sugar added 1, we’ve expanded our product lineup to include flavored coconut waters like NEW Jalapeno-Mango, Watermelon Raspberry, and Chocolate, along with NEW Chilled Organic coconut water, and NEW ZICO Coco-lixirs, which combine coconut water and organic cold pressed juice to create a delicious fusion that refreshes and supports hydration. Regardless of the flavor, product, or package size, all ZICO products feature 100% not from concentrate coconut water that supports hydration with naturally-occurring electrolytes. 

Editor's Insight: Coconut Water is a popular beverage in micro markets, making this campaign an opportunity for operators to develop piggy-back promotions for the product.