Smartblog: Healthy Eating Trends Have Evolved To Mean Protein, Superfoods Reports Datassential

March 15, 2016

Datassentials has been tracking the perception and drivers of the term healthy in regards to food and beverages over the past several years and found it has gone through at least two changes in definition, according to Smartblogs. Initially, healthy products were determined by the nutrition label – being low in calories, fat or what consumers considered “bad things” – while being high in fiber, or, the “good things.”  The discussion of what makes a healthy product then moved to terms with a “feel good” perception such as organic, sustainable, local and fresh. Currently, Datassential reports healthy has evolved to a focus on functional food and ingredients such as energy, protein and super foods. The blog discusses an upcoming Datassential report on The New Healthy as well as the trend of consumers to report wanting to eat a healthy diet, but this is not supported by their buying habits.