Baltimore, MD To Offer Healthy Vending

Oct. 23, 2015

Baltimore, MD, will join the list of U.S. cities implementing healthy vending in public buildings. The city, which adopted new standards for vending machines in August, will introduce new vending machines with nutritious foods, The Baltimore Sun reports. Baked chips, nuts and granola bars are a few items that will be offered in the new machines. 

In a Press Conference last week at the Baltimore City Health Department, Black Tie and the City of Baltimore announced a strategic plan to implement healthy vending standards throughout City buildings. In a prepared statement, Scott Meskin, the President of Black Tie Services stated that “he is excited to have the opportunity to provide healthier vending selections to his hometown Charm City.”

The standards include 50% of all items to be “better for you” items throughout the city.  Black Tie will also install several “Goodness Inside” machines.  This machine was on display at the Press Conference.