Some Like It Hot: Spicy Candy On The Rise

June 13, 2018

Multiple brands have come out with spicy candies recently, such as Starburst and Skittles Sweet Heat and Jolly Ranchers Hotties, that have hit the candy trend right on point. Sales of spicy and hot flavored candy were up 16% in 2017 and 25% in the past 52 weeks, according to Those are huge numbers, especially for the confectionary segment!  

“Sales for non-chocolate spicy and hot attributed candy products are growing eight times faster than non-chocolate in general, at a rate of 25%,” said Larry Levin,  EVP of Consumer and Shopper Marketing for market research firm IRI.  

Traditional Mexican candy has been one of the influencers of the hot and spicy candy trend. Mexican candy has become popular because it caters to the more spicy and savory flavors popular in Mexico, and has seen a rise in its sales.  

Because of this, American candy manufacturers are ramping up the spicy candy trend. For example, makers of Red Hots and other already hot candies are creating unique and multicultural-influenced candies, such as Kick'n Lime Mango Red Hots.  

Keep with the times with trendy offerings such as this extremely popular one, spicy and hot candy.