Selectivend Announces Product Rebate Program On

Aug. 29, 2017

DES MOINES, Iowa, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Selectivend, Inc., a leading manufacturer of vending equipment, today announced a snack and drink product rebate program with an estimated vend value of up to $4,300 with the purchase of qualifying new Selectivend vending machines at   By potentially fully offsetting the cost of the vending machine, the rebate will help small and medium-sized business owners realize an additional source of revenue almost immediately while increasing the morale and productivity of its workplace.

The products eligible under the rebate program have an estimated retail value of up to $975 and an estimated vend value of up to $4,300, which may fully offset the purchase price of the machine, depending upon machine model.  Participating in the program with Sam's Club and Selectivend are several major product suppliers.  Under the rebate program, popular brand name food and beverage products are free to consumers after rebate including: 

  • Gatorade Sports Drink, Propel Fitness Water, and Tropicana Juices (up to 25 cases / 24 count)
  • Nestlé Pure Life Purified bottled water (up to 58 cases / 40 count)
  • Snyders-Lance's Lance Sandwich Crackers (up to 16 value packs / 40 count and 8 variety packs / 40 count), Snyder's of Hanover Mini Pretzels (8 packs / 60 count), and Cape Cod Reduced Fat Chips (8 variety packs / 24 count)

"This product rebate program offered by Selectivend through and supported by major product suppliers makes it easier and more economical for business owners to diversify their businesses by adding vending as an additional revenue stream," says Tom Papich, Selectivend's Vice President of Sales.  "It is a fabulous opportunity for business owners to generate more revenue within their existing businesses while increasing employee productivity and morale by offering on-site refreshments."

For a limited time, consumers can take advantage of Selectivend's product rebate program by purchasing a qualified new vending machine at  Qualified vending machines include the Advantage Plus Combination Vending Machine (Item #: 685527), 23 Selection Snack Vending Machine (Item #: 36706), WS4000 32 Selection Snack Machine (Item #: 498524), WS5000 40 Selection Snack Machine (Item #: 498533), CB300 Gatorade Stand-Alone 6 Selection Drink Machine (Item #: 146940), CB500 Gatorade 10 Selection Drink Machine (Item #: 148026), and WS3000/CB300 Gatorade Combo Vending Machine (Item #: 440201). 

Once the vending machine is purchased, customers simply buy and stock products qualified under the rebate program, mail-in their receipts for the rebate, and vend the product.  To view a complete summary of the terms and conditions of this rebate program customers can visit the Selectivend website or contact Selectivend directly at +1 800-323-8793.

About Selectivend, Inc. 
Selectivend, Inc. is a division of The Wittern Group, a leading full-service vending equipment manufacturer of snack / candy, cold drink, hot beverage, and combination vending machines.  Selectivend partners with some of the world's largest and most popular wholesale clubs to distribute its vending equipment.  Since 1931, The Wittern Group has served customers of all sizes from billion-dollar, global corporations to small business owners.  For further information, visit