The PowerMate® M-2B is a powered, heavy duty stair climber with a capacity to move loads up to 1,500 lbs. The M-2B is made from heavy duty steel construction and is ideal for moving heavy loads like built-in appliances, vending machines, visi coolers, safes, switchgear, commercial hot water tanks and man lifts. The PowerMate® M-2B is four machines in one: a powered stair climber; a powered tailgate lift; a loading dock leveler and a well-balanced dolly. 

The PowerMate® M-2B Advantage

·        A powerful labor saving device that can help reduce costs and contribute to profitability.

·        Reduces property and product damage by keeping the load under control during the move.

·        Contributes to your image of professionalism.

·        Reduces the physical effort to move heavy loads by 87%.

·        Contributes to jobsite safety by reducing jobsite injuries and injury claims.

·        Moves heavy loads with half the labor! Jobs that required two people to move without a PowerMate® now take just one! Jobs that previously required four people can now be safely completed with just two in most cases.

·        Customizable with a wide array of attachments including the Big Wheels for rough terrain, snow, ice, sand or uneven ground.

M-2B Specifications:

·         Fully Automatic Braking System

·         Override Clutch

·         Drive Screw Top Guard

·         Rugged Steel Outer Frame Carries Load

·         Machine 27"W x 17"D x 68" High

·         Machine Weight 185 lbs.

·         Heavy Duty Control Switches

·         Two Adjustable Strapbars 26" Length

·         Bar and Plate Felt - Protects Loads

·         Heavy Duty Reinforced Straps.

·         Quick Release Safety Locking Cam

·         Super-Efficient Drive Screw

·         65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor

·         Retractable 2-Wheel Dolly

·         Leverage Bar

·         Sealed Battery 12V 32 AH Maintenance Free and Rechargeable

·         Puncture Proof Wheels 8" Diameter

·         Toeplate 27"W

·         Anti-Skid Protector On Heel Of Machine

·         Lifting Height 40" (101.6 cm)

·         Machine Capacity 1500 lbs. (682 kg.)

·         Overload Protection

·         Solid State controller

·         Advanced Electronic Microprocessor