Ranger Design Launches New Lockers And Workbenches

Nov. 26, 2019


We are pleased to announce that on November 18, 2019, we launched our newly redesigned van lockers and workbenches. These products are great for storage and organization within the mobile technician’s work vehicle.

Our lockers have been updated with our new black end panels, in keeping with our product line consistency. We have also increased the width by 2 inches to add a little extra storage space, and have upgraded the install brackets to newer and tougher versions.

For both the new lockers and workbenches, we have standardized the doors to match our shelving doors. This helps reduce inventory and makes install simpler for both our customers and distributors.

Our new workbenches have not changed drastically, as the smooth, wood top design is timeless. The end panels have altered slightly to accommodate our new brackets; however, they will still remain aluminum for increased payload and overall durability.

Whether you need a stand-alone storage compartment to hang your work gear, or a customized bench in your van, Ranger Design has got you covered!

Learn more: https://rangerdesign.com/van-storage-bins/

About Ranger Design

Ranger Design is known as an innovative designer and manufacturer of specialized van shelving, van racking, ladder racks, partitions and storage systems for commercial vehicles. With a network of over 300 distributors across North America, Ranger Design provides products that offer the highest degree of quality, an industry leading warranty, and world class customer service.

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