Quench unveils new touchless and bottleless water equipment lineup for offices

Aug. 4, 2021

The Quench Q-Series offers a sensor-activated, touchless and bottleless dispensing solution for offices and other places of businesses.

Models in the Quench Q-Series can produce quenchWATER+, which uses a proprietary 5-filter setup to add electrolytes to waters and improve taste by removing sediments and contaminants. The result is crisp, clean, great-tasting electrolyte water, according to Quench.

Quench said early Q-Series adopters implemented the touchless water coolers to protect employees during the pandemic.

The Q-Series is available in three dispensing capacities, including the Quench Q4 (serves about 25 people a day); Quench Q8 (about 50 people per day); and Quench Q12 (about 100 people per day).

Each touchless system has built-in sensor-activated panels. Users simply hover their hand or fingers over sensor-activated buttons to release a steady stream of water. They connect directly to a building’s existing water supply. 

“Quench Q-Series touchless water coolers with quenchWATER+ are exactly what workplaces need right now,” said Ted Hertz, Quench’s vice president of product management.

“The advanced touchless activation and purification technologies featured on each system," he added, "work together to create the cleanest hydration experience possible for people concerned about cross-contamination in offices or facilities.” 

The new Quench Q-Series dispensers are available in the United States and Canada exclusively from Quench. 


[Credit: Quench]
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