PATHWATER Debuts The First Sparkling And Alkaline Water In Refillable Aluminum Bottles

March 13, 2020

FREMONT, Calif., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PATHWATER is disrupting the beverage industry once again by introducing new Sparkling and Alkaline water innovations in sleek and functionally designed refillable bottles. Enhancing their product offerings, PATHWATER's Sparkling, Alkaline and Still water are now all infused with electrolytes and balanced pH, and housed in a refreshed brushed-aluminum bottle with minimalist branding to further encourage reuse.

The global market for bottled water is projected to reach USD 307.6 billion by 2025, with alkaline and sparkling water making up a large part of the growth trend. Disrupting the rapidly accelerating enhanced water segment with its reusable aluminum bottle, PATHWATER is filling a niche in both the sustainability and beverage markets.

"Our newly enhanced, reusable bottled water and design is disrupting an industry that needs to change in a major way," says Shadi Bakour, CEO and Co-founder of PATHWATER. "We continue to prove that we can be both functional and sustainable, and we're proud to showcase the next generation of bottled water, further solidifying ourselves as the leader in the eco-friendly water space."

Ali Orabi, CMO and Co-founder, adds, "PATHWATER is the bottled water company that is not in the business to sell water. We are trying to solve the single-use plastic bottle crisis, and the only way to solve it is to reuse as much as possible. Other major brands and start-ups have followed the PATH that we started in 2015. We are also encouraging people to shift their habits from constant single-use consumers to refillers and reusers."

Staying true to PATHWATER's brand values, the new offerings align with the brand's mission to end the single-use plastic water bottle crisis in a manner that is stylish, better for consumers, and better for the environment.

PATHWATER's new innovations will launch on with Alkaline available for $22.99 (20 oz, 9-pack) and $27.99 (25 oz, 9-pack), and Sparkling available for $22.99 (20 oz, 9-pack). Cases can also be purchased on Amazon starting in April, and individual bottles of these new SKUs will be available in retailers later in the year. Follow the PATHWATER journey on Instagram @pathwater.

About PATHWATER: As the first 100% reusable, recyclable bottled water in a sturdy aluminum bottle, PATHWATER takes sustainability to the next level. Lightweight, infinitely refillable, and affordable, these bottles are a sustainable solution to the single-use plastic water bottle crisis plaguing our planet. PATHWATER Still is filled with water that is ultra-purified through a 7-step reverse osmosis process that is pH balanced and enhanced with electrolytes. PATHWATER Sparkling is delicately carbonated, offering effervescence for any occasion. And PATHWATER Alkaline includes specialty electrolytes with a final pH of 9.5+. Easily accessible, PATHWATER can be purchased at, Amazon and in select retailers nationwide.

PATHWATER's mission statement: Forging the PATH to end single-use plastic bottles.



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