PATHWATER Promotes Elimination Of Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Nov. 25, 2019

San Francisco, CA, Nov. 21, 2019 -- PATHWATER is banning single-use plastic bottled water across the country in governments, airports, schools, and major retailers, garnering significant investments from A-List celebrities and professional athletes to expand the movement even further.

As unfavorable sentiments on single-use plastic accelerate, a shift toward reusable products is waking a giant reuse revolution. You can see this revolution at places like SFO Airport where a ban on plastic bottled water resulted in the replacement of 5 million single-use plastic bottles for PATHWATER.

This year tipped the scales of responsibility for many large organizations and their contribution to the plastic crisis. We witnessed a monumental shift in policies against single-use plastic bottled water as San Francisco Airport (SFO), K-12 schools, universities, corporate campuses, and major cities began to ban plastic bottles and adopt PATHWATER in their efforts to achieve zero-waste.

"I think they (single-use plastic water bottles) are a tremendous waste. After meeting with PATHWATER® and learning more about how the tremendous amounts of plastic we dispose of daily destroy OUR OCEANS, it upsets me." - Vernon Davis, NFL Legend and Proud PATHWATER Partner.

Investors of PATHWATER have gone far beyond mere monetary support and are contributing their time, energy, voice, and followers to promote the PATHWATER mission for a Reuse Revolution. Investors of PATHWATER are working on getting this message out and will scale efforts even further in 2020. Vernon Davis, Mohamed Sanu, Luke Voit, Frank Gore, Jordan Clarkson, Sebastian Lletget, Guy Fieri, Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley, Festus Ezeli, and Ghazi Shami are all part of the dedicated partnership to invest in a win-win push for the planet in 2020.

This all-hands-on-deck approach is something of a novelty for investors who will be getting their hands dirty at monthly beach cleanups and popping up at even more school rallies across the country to support students in the #RefillNotLandfill Revolution. Backers will be participating in the PATHWATER Student Ambassador Program (PSA), a one-of-a-kind student-led mission to ban plastic bottled water on campus and ensure students have access to safe hydration stations.

PATHWATER will be working in many facets from celebrity-hosted pop-ups to educational sessions with policymakers so that no one is left out the revolution.

You can expect to see celebrity athletes and investors highly engaged with the public on this issue at stadiums, events, music festivals, social media, and giveaway events where they will offer up their own memorabilia to bring awareness to this issue. People can follow PATHWATER on Instagram, where every new follower will generate $1 toward beach cleanups.


PATHWATER is the first bottled water company to package their water in a refillable bottle, instead of single-use plastic. PATHWATER becomes carbon neutral after 3 reuses and carbon positive after 4 reuses, offering an environmental benefit to the planet. Most people reuse their PATHWATER bottles 10+ times per day.

“We’ve been conditioned to drink a bottle of water and throw it away. We’re here to prove that with small changes in our daily habits, we can make big changes in the world,” said Shadi Bakour, Co-founder and CEO of PATHWATER.

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