Starbucks To Close Online Store In Attempt To Drive People To Cafes

Aug. 25, 2017

According to Business Insider, Starbucks is heavily discounting merchandise on it's ecommerce site as it prepares to close the site down. Instead of selling online, it wants to drive people back to its coffeehouses and focus more on being a destination. It will continue to use mobile and online means to enhance the in-store experience and plans to look for more digital partnerships. 

Editor's Insight: Office coffee service providers should be considering this action by the coffee giant. Within OCS there are those that believe we need to increase the number of ways customers can buy from us, such as using ecommerce sites. Others believe that we can't compete with those online retail giants that already exist, so should therefore focus on service and the personal touch. Starbucks appears to be in this second camp at the moment.