Single-serve beverage maker Intelligent Blends transitions to 100% solar power

April 9, 2021

Southern California’s Intelligent Blends, a maker of sustainable single-serve and bagged beverages, and parent company of Maud's Coffee & Tea, announced the completion of a massive solar installation that now powers all of its house-brand operations.

According to a press release, this solar addition has earned the company the distinction of being the first of its kind to boast production that harnesses the sun for a significant percentage of its power.

The mammoth project added a 700 LG panels that each generate 405 watts of power, along with two sma 62 kilowatt inverters and two 50 kilowatt inverters, to the company's San Diego headquarters.

The resulting impact on the environment on an annual basis equates to taking 72 passenger vehicles off the road, 37,720 gallons of gasoline combusted, or 5,500 tree saplings grown for 10 years.

Founded in 2013, Intelligent Blends is a privately held company Its single-serve and bagged beverages products include coffees and teas.

The company offers co-packing and hospitality solutions for partners worldwide, while boasting several in-house brands that are distributed through select e-commerce and retail sites.



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