A Bold New Way To Decaf: Seattle Startup Decafino Brings Decaffeination Directly To Consumers

Sept. 19, 2019

SEATTLE, September 17, 2019 (Newswire.com) - Today, the bold and innovative start-up company Decafino has announced a new product to decaffeinate any drink, anytime and anywhere: the Decaf Pouch. This tea bag-like product can decaffeinate simply by dunking it in a beverage.

Decafino was founded by chemical engineer Andy Liu, who loves coffee, but was frustrated by the struggles of being a decaf drinker: there is less selection and availability, and it doesn’t always taste great. But what if one could directly remove caffeine from any cup of coffee, without changing the taste or aroma? The Decaf Pouch was born.

A simple way to decaf

The Decaf Pouch works just like a tea bag, but instead of making tea, it decaffeinates drinks simply by dunking the pouch in one’s drink of choice. This one-step process makes it easy to decaffeinate any beverage on-the-go, simple as that.

A versatile way to decaf

The Decaf Pouch works with any caffeinated beverages, like coffee, or specialty drinks, independent of preparation. All the while keeping the great taste and aroma. 

A green way to decaf

The Decaf Pouch is made of natural minerals, food-grade ingredients, and biodegradable materials. It does not rely on any harmful chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee, but relies on a process called adsorption to remove caffeine from the drink. The caffeine sticks onto the beads inside the pouch, removing the caffeine from the drink. It offers a healthy alternative for consumers and for the environment.

Be the first to try the Decaf Pouch

By participating in Decafino’s Kickstarter campaign, contributors will pre-order Decaf Pouches, so that they can now decaffeinate their favorite coffees on-demand, whenever and wherever they would like. Decafino hopes to bring this easy way to decaf to everyone. https://bit.ly/2kfyKBT 

The Decaf Pouch is scheduled for commercial release in Q2, 2020.


About Decafino

Seattle startup, Decafino, is a team of scientists and engineers who wanted to create a healthier and more sustainable solution for everyone to enjoy higher-quality, better-tasting decaf coffee. Decafino has created this first-of-its-kind decaffeination technology that enables anyone to decaffeinate their own cup of coffee.

More information:

Website: https://www.decafino.com

Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/2kfyKBT 

Instagram: @decafino_inc

Facebook: @decafino